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Holistic Surf & Yoga Retreats in Lombok, Sri Lanka & Morocco



31.08 - 07.09 2024

8 Days / 7 Nights

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29.10 - 05.11.2024

8 Days / 7 Nights

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06.12 - 14.12 2024

9 Days / 8 Nights

*Pay Only 500 EUR Deposit to save your spot today

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A Journey Through Waves & Wisdom

Let us share with you our personal translation of a ‘holistic’ way of life:

A holistic lifestyle is a way of living life looking at the big picture – the whole person. The physical body, the spiritual body, the energy body and the mental body. Being holistically balanced means being connected to wholeness. We are not trying to improve our life by focusing on just one thing.

A holistic life focusses on diet, physical movement, personal growth, spirituality, living purposeful, mental health, emotional balance and rest.

In our retreats we take care of each section. 

On can assume that ‘surfing’ fulfils the purpose of the physical movement. At Floating You though, ‘surfing’ touches many layers of a holistic lifestyle and it became on of our dearest missions to introduce you surfing as a ‘wholesome’ experience. Surfing can be very spiritual: Being out there in nature. Understanding how the element of water can make us feel. Restructuring our perspective and allowing the ocean to humble us as everything out there is bigger than you and me. Take the importance out of our every day ‘problems’ and try to look at them with new angles. Being present with our surrounding, going for a sunset surf and witness how nature paints the most beautiful colours around you while you sit in the middle of it all. Surfing can be mentally challenging and once being aware of it, it pushes you towards growth. We use ‘surfing’ to teach about our healthy and false ego. We use surfing to detect our ‘monkey mind’, the endless ‘selftalk’ that can go all over the place in seconds. Surfing serves as a guide, it has the power to mirror many layers of your life for example the very conditioned need most of us feel ‘to be good in something fast’. Surfing is about being kind to yourself, allowing yourself to be playful. Rejuvenation, cleanse, feel alive, feel connected, refreshed & grateful for this gift called life.


The 'Science of Yoga'

Through Sharing the 'Science of Yoga' we allow your body, mind & soul to cultivate stillness, moving our body in sequences that release tension, improving blood flow, & connecting movement to breath.

Ultimately the aim of Yoga is to grow the ability to ‘sit’ in meditation. To get there, we practice ‘asanas’ (postures)  and ‘pranayama’ (breath work) to prepare our body & mind for the next soul chapter ahead.

Again, we offer Yoga to support our approach to a holistic life. Helping our physical, spiritual & mental body to come closer to ourselves. 

To prepare us for meditation as a very proven healing modality.

Other conceptions of Yoga are:  It is often used as a stretch to prepare our body for the physical surf ahead, or restorative after surfing. Both of these are fulfilled aswell, but with the addition to focus on our spiritual health.

Sound Healing, Meditation, Heart Opening New Moon Ceremony with raw cacao, personal growth exercises, journaling and many more tools are supporting you on this 7 nights and 8 days retreat.

Floating You as 'A holistic Surf & Yoga Retreat' is transformative. We are going on a journey to yourself where you set the pace. Ultimately you can go on a deep dive if you want to or just float wherever it feels comfortable. Next to these conceptual pillars be sure to have lots of fun, explore a beautiful piece of earth, slide from adventure to adventure and indulge in delicious & healthy nutritious food surrounded by a circle of soul sisters and brothers. You will grow into a new version of yourself - holistically!

What previous guests are saying about us:

Unique & Magical

Floating you is one of the uniquest and most beautiful retreat I’ve ever done. Riany is a very lovely person and everything she does come from her inner heart with a lot of carrying. Surf, yoga, connecting and diving deeper with your inner self, focused on the positive part, it’s more than healing. Every day you will be spoiled with delicious good food. If you search for something special there you are! I would definitely recommend to join this beautiful retreat with Riany.

Thank you once again for this beautiful week and see you soon.


Best Surf Retreat ever - life changing experience!

This was one of my greatest experiences my whole life. I came to the retreat with no intentions of what would happen. At the end of the retreat, I felt more connected to myself,—this retreat was really healing for me and just pure fun. Everything is organized perfectly. My favorite part is taking a fishing boat with the group, in this case all girls :))) to the beach break. Spending time in the ocean, listening to our stories, surfing together. This is an experience like no other, surfing mixed with self-discovery. I highly recommend <3


The most eye-opening experience I ever had!

I joined „Floating You“ in Lombok and it was just the most amazing experience.

The schedule was packed with Yoga, Surf Lessons, Personal Development Workshops and Healing Sessions.

Within a week I grew so much and in so many aspects that it would go beyond the scope to go into detail, but I truly feel like I returned home as a better version of myself.

Riany did an amazing job organizing everything and above all managing to bring a group of strangers together and leading them to built a true connection within the shortest amount of time.

I can fully recommend this retreat and I hope to join again someday.


Floating you is a labor of love!

By far, the most transformative retreat I’ve ever been to.
Everything is so well curated from yoga to surf, to the attention to detail, the personalized approach, the unique extra activities, the passionate team and the food.
I feel renewed, energized and filled with gratitude!
Can’t wait for my next FY retreat! 


Get ready to change your life!

My friend and I went to the Floating You retreat in Sri Lanka and it was the best experience of our lives! It was our first retreat ever and it exceeded our expectations to say the very least. Riany is such a beautiful person inside and out, from the moment you meet her you’ll feel right at home. She clearly has a genuine love and care for everyone she meets and made us feel comfortable from the very start. I’d had a tough time on the first day dealing with my own personal issues, but Riany was there with me to help me through it, spending some time with me on the shore, take me through some breath work and reminding of all the positive affirmations and words of gratitude I’d forgotten to tell myself each day. It really changed my entire mindset from then on and I ended up having so much fun and found a greater meaning in life through surf and just learning to let go. The holistic activities; daily yoga, value exercise, mindful painting, cacao ceremony, sound healing in nature were also pivotal in helping me on my healing journey. We were also so happy to have met everyone else from our group on the retreat! The vibe and energy was beautiful each and every day. Our surf instructor Liam was also amazing and really took the time to advise us during our surf analysis and keep us safe out in the water. The location and food was beyond expectations as well! The communal meals we had really brought us all together and made us feel right at home.

All in all, I have absolutely no regrets joining this retreat and for anyone who is hesitant, don’t be. This retreat will change your life.