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How Floating You was born

Floating You came to life in a long train ride from the tamil Sri Lankan City Jaffna, to Colombo in September 2018 after visiting my father. The puzzle pieces started to visually connect and so a first, raw concept about waves, yoga and living a holistic and sustainable life, was created.

A Journey through Self Discovery

How Floating You was born

You can also call it floating through thoughts that came up after visiting Jaffna's famous Nallur Temple Festival and spending intensive time with tamil families. Still seeing leftovers from war and tensed, scared faces. Living in simplicity, finally connecting to my roots. Connecting to that island spirit. 

‘Sharing love’ has a new meaning over there. 

Where as living and working in the west has never felt right. It’s loud, it’s hectic, dark, mean, edgy. Where is love, the freedom, the warmth? The slow life ? How is life an experience when all your senses get numbed superficially and you are constantly exposed to over- consum? It’s torture. It’s killing every little bit of individuality.

On the island we pick up fresh vegetables from the garden, pick up hibiscus flowers and show respect to the Hindu Gods. Care for the neighbours. You get to be present. Wash your clothes in the water well in the yard. You use your hands. You learn about the ocean. You learn other ways of survival. You live in co-existence. The cycle of life. You travel away while hearing holy chants and get lost in the smell of incense and sweet trippy smokes. Feeling this sudden pull to source. So powerful, so clear, so visible. Eat organic aryurvedic food. Look into the eyes of tamil girls and boys and just feel.

The question, ‘Who decides the match of body and soul and where we are born’, got louder and louder within myself.

Me with my German passport, connected to this place by bood and soul, but having so much more opportunities and possibilities in life.

And on the other side there was just so much depth and so much meaning in Asia that I had never been exposed to before… and it felt exactly where I belong.

A Journey through Self Discovery

The concept grew bigger along the road between Sri Lanka and Indonesia, where I met some local Asian surfer girls, inspiring gurus, guides & teachers. My own healing journey expanded through stillness, through surfing, personal growth, gaining knowledge in various self love practices, my 200 Hours YTTC in the Govardhan Eco Village Ashram close to Mumbai India in 2019 (founded by his holiness Radhananth Swami), Sound Healing Modules and leading ceremonies. Fully embracing the wisdom from Mother Earth and all her elements.

The combination of facing Jaffna after civil war and the related impact it had and still has on people’s life up north in Sri Lanka, with seeing the realness of day to day life of a young, strong  woman, seeing all kinds of new facets of life with new eyes and an open mind and heart, got me diving deeper, giving Floating You it’s final shape. Merging all the stories, looks, emotions, studies, philosophies, crisis’, human connections, smiles, tears, struggles, facts, moments and real life adventures that were collected on several travels around the globe since I am 18.

Sri Lanka and Indonesia  –  both countries where ‚Life‘ means something different than in the West. Where the look of someone‘s eyes goes deep under your skin straight into your heart.

A core element of Floating You is to invite a local girl completely for free to give the opportunity to shift some views and learn about herself. Make her believe in herself and let her know she can archive anything.

Our vision is to make the local asian girls community stronger. Imagine any girl, who discovers her light. She will learn to be comfortable with herself, learn how to meditate, learn to trust females from all over the world, witness cultural exchange, learn about the world and catch her very first wave. She will experience a new form of motivation and boost that she can then use for a new creation.

And hopefully, one day – there are enough of these girls who are strong together and create a movement. In the end it’s a network full of helping hands all across the globe.

Riany x

My Guides, Gurus, Teachers & Mentors

Let me give you a glimpse into my personal self discovery. 

The spaces I visited & the people I learned from.

Yogi - Surfer - Experience Creator - Sacred Sound - Ceremonial Cacao - Personal Growth

Riany is half German half Tamil Sri Lankan. Born and raised in Düsseldorf - Germany with periods of working and living in New York and London.Straight after her graduation she started working in the music industry for about 15 years. Music Management & Project Management for several artists including M.I.A., electronic DJ Loco Dice and Noah Becker (son of Boris Becker) was the base of her day to day job. She relocated to Asia in 2018 to finally start a journey of fulfilment, value, self love and alingment: personal and business related. Leaving the comfort zone and western securities to be able to hear waves, practice mindfulness, come closer to her roots ready to live with purpose.



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