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A Retreat is a TREAT to yourself

We recommend due diligence and collecting as much information as possible to decide for the right one. Hopefully our Reviews can be of valuable assistance for you to get a glimpse into our world.

What previous guests are saying about us:

Unique & Magical

Floating you is one of the uniquest and most beautiful retreat I’ve ever done. Riany is a very lovely person and everything she does come from her inner heart with a lot of carrying. Surf, yoga, connecting and diving deeper with your inner self, focused on the positive part, it’s more than healing. Every day you will be spoiled with delicious good food. If you search for something special there you are! I would definitely recommend to join this beautiful retreat with Riany.

Thank you once again for this beautiful week and see you soon.


Couldn’t wish for a better start of my travel journey

My first solo trip ever and Riany and the rest of the girls made me feel so welcome! Everything was super beautiful and I had the best surfing experience ever by the local surf teachers. I loved all the yoga spots and the soundhealing was so powerful.


Reset your body and your mind!

Floating you is an amazing journey if you feel like opening a new blank page in your life or take time for Yourself.

This retreat is like no others, it is made with lot of love & care therefore the attention that is put to details is stunning.

Yoga classes were all unique and beautiful, discovering different places and different practises. Surfing was all about having fun in safe condition and set your mind to feel good in the water above all.

Every day was a gift to just be in the present and feel alive!

For me it was a great moment to reset my mind and my body.

The location was paradise, the food was amazing and you will be surrounded by people supporting each other.

You will share so much with other guest that is becoming very quickly a little family that you will be sad to leave.

To be concluded: Go without any hesitation!


Best Surf Retreat ever - life changing experience!

This was one of my greatest experiences my whole life. I came to the retreat with no intentions of what would happen. At the end of the retreat, I felt more connected to myself,—this retreat was really healing for me and just pure fun. Everything is organized perfectly. My favorite part is taking a fishing boat with the group, in this case all girls :))) to the beach break. Spending time in the ocean, listening to our stories, surfing together. This is an experience like no other, surfing mixed with self-discovery. I highly recommend <3


Incredible Experience - wow just wow!

wow wow wow this was the best experience in my whole life. i’m so thankful for the time !! meet so beautiful women’s, we connected so deep, such a wonderful feeling. I growth so much in this time & surfing + yoga is just the perfect surroundings to grow. We did sound healing, meditation, dream visualisations & learned a lot about our values in our life’s. it’s crazy how sharing emotions bonds people.

i’m just so grateful & felt so safe in this week.

big recommendation to everyone ! if your thinking about doing it, DO IT !! you will not regret it.

Riany is the nicest person ever. i felt so connected to her. She cares a lot about everyone. we were like a big family.


Back to Childhood

This retreat was my very first one and i found something i didnt know i was looking for.

There were many firsts for me such as surfing in open water, the cacao ceremony and a visit at a healer.

But the most beautiful thing was that we were able to be children again. We reconnected with natures, didnt have to think about where the next meal would come from and were guided by the motherly energy of Riany. It made it so easy to focus on oneselves and reconnect with the spirit.

This was a way to open new doors in life and proceed with what we have learnt.


Most beautiful retreat I’ve ever experienced!

Floating you was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. With Rianys guidance and coaching I felt safe in the water as well as during our coaching and yoga sessions. The place we stayed, our group dynamics and the beaches we explored were amazing. Everything was mindfully planned and beautiful organized to give us the best experience. I would definitely join this retreat every time again.

Anna Sophie

The most eye-opening experience I ever had!

I joined „Floating You“ in Lombok and it was just the most amazing experience.

The schedule was packed with Yoga, Surf Lessons, Personal Development Workshops and Healing Sessions.

Within a week I grew so much and in so many aspects that it would go beyond the scope to go into detail, but I truly feel like I returned home as a better version of myself.

Riany did an amazing job organizing everything and above all managing to bring a group of strangers together and leading them to built a true connection within the shortest amount of time.

I can fully recommend this retreat and I hope to join again someday.


Wonderful life changing retreat!

first of all, thank you to riany for making this wonderful week possible. She is such a lovely and amazing power woman who organizes one of the best retreats.

this week was a perfect mix between physical and spiritual challenges, with amazing food :)

The surfing was so much fun, the instructors were so personable and taught you perfectly no matter what level you were at, plus you always had something to laugh about with them. Also through the surf analyses you learned very well and generally made fast progress.

Other activities like the new moon cacao ceremony or the sound healing were very great experiences and a perfect balance.

Also a big thank you to the best yoga teacher Jai, who always adapted the type of yoga according to how we felt, and who was already a meditation with his presence alone.

I learned so much about myself during this time through these great people, you are not one of many there, it is personalized to you and that is what makes this retreat in my opinion.

100% recommendable !


Best retreat ever!

The best retreat ever. Thanks a lot to Riany❤️❤️❤️ it's my first time to do surf, and riany help me a lot. she's so kind and a lovely person🥰 big love.


My First time!

Right timing, right place, right people.

I am totally obsessed with whole week of Floating You retreat.

Surf, yoga, cacao ceremony on New Moon day, sound healing, amazing brekkie or dinners, every single minute of this week was … awesome ❤️

The retreat showed me the way of positive mindset and who I truly am.

Slowly living my dream.

Day by day, step by step.

Thank you

Go for it, you will not regret.


Unforgettable Life Experience!

The love and care by Riany put into the planning and execution of each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), yoga session, and reflection activity was truly felt. Even after unpredictable surf sessions our group could not of asked for a better experience.

The surf sessions were so much fun and I felt myself improving with each wave. The yoga classes with Aaron were also excellent and helped me connect with my body and mind in a profound way. The food was delicious and healthy, and it was wonderful to sit down with the other guests and enjoy meals together and connect with one another.

The locations we went to were absolutely stunning, every beach and its waves provided the perfect backdrop for relaxation, rejuvenation, and progression.

I cannot wait until I can reconnect with Floating You and its offerings, such a blessing of a retreat.


Authentic & comes from the heart!

I was totally thrilled to feel that everything is planned with love and that every detail comes from the heart. it was a nice feeling to take a week for yourself and take care of yourself and still never be alone if you don't want to be. you meet great people, have fun, eat well and learn a lot about yourself, about surfing and yoga. I can recommend the retreat to anyone who wants to deal with themselves and wants to have a great time with warm people at the same time.



Very grateful I could join this retreat. For me it was a very very special week. With all the focus on me. A whole week of me-time. Really had an amazing time and can recommend to anyone. To step out of your busy life for a bit and stand still.

Every day Yoga and everyday surfing in the beautiful waters of Lombok it was really magical.

With my big fear of the ocean I can say very proud this retreat opened a whole new world for me in water. Amazing moments with the other guests and don’t forget the very very delicious food every day.

Anna H.

The most authentic retreat I have been to!

The best time I could ever imagined. Riany created a perfect space where you feel like you are belonging. Everyone is super professional and at the same time the personal vibe maintains throughout the whole retreat. I have learned a lot about surfing, yoga and mostly about myself.

Thank you Riany & the team for making our days wonderful! We will be back soon!


Lombok, you stole our heart!

Me and my girl friend wanted to do a surf and yoga retreat in Bali, but after comparing different retreats we chose Floating you in Lombok.

It was the best decision we have made.

White sand beaches, no traffic, great waves, amazing spacious accommodation and great vibe.

floating you for me was something different, a very mind and heart opening experience filled with skilled coaching, good surfing, great yoga, sound healing, massages and amazing food.

The whole organization and communication from day one was exceptional, Riany made us feel as close friends, and all the people that join the retreat were sooo beautiful and we left back home as one big family.

Thank you soo much Riany and lombok for this unique experience, if you are planing a retreat somewhere else in the world let us know. We will join you again for sure.


Most authentic retreat in Lombok!

It was the most authentic retreat between Surf, Yoga and Arts. Riany is great - in every respect. A great host and she puts lots of love and thoughts to this. The Retreat really made me go deeper in my Self Changing and it really opened up my mind..I enjoyed every single thing about the retreat, Yoga, Meals and Surf.

I can only highly recommend this retreat! Be sure you meet lots of lovely people, having same or different things to work on and of course new friends. Thank you Riany for creating such a wonderful retreat to get in touch with our bodies and minds, unwinding and enjoyable.


Endless Gratitude for FloatingYou!

What a special week! Floating You was the perfect end to 6 months of traveling -- a space for me to learn how to surf, get in touch with myself in body and spirit, meet incredible individuals, and try new self-love rituals. The combination of daily surf and yoga was so nurturing for me, and my learnings from Floating You continue to brighten my day-to-day life. I would recommend this retreat to people from all walks of life; Riany and Jai will make a home for you on the wonderful island of Lombok, and you will learn to find a home within yourself <3 so much love!


A retreat to repeat!

I joined floating you retreat in November 2022 while spending 3 weeks in Indonesia. This was by far the pinnacle of my trip. Floating You provides you with tools to reconnect with yourself to establish that inner dialogue. Practices, food, activities - everything is well curated and filled with love. Riany puts her whole heart into this week and it is seen and felt in everything that is happening throughout this wonderful experience. And of course, beautiful people that I've met during this week. There is a place in my heart for each and every one of you.

I highly recommend Floating You to anyone, really. Out of vast practices offered at the retreat, you will surely find something that speaks directly to your soul and lifts up your spirit.

Would love to repeat this retreat and bring friends over :)


Best retreat ever!

The retreat with Riany was absolutely amazing! Everything was perfectly organised from start to finish and filled with so much love. It was one of the best weeks of my holidays and I can only recommend it to anyone who wants to do something good for themselves and their soul. It helped me so much to be in the moment, to be more grateful and to find more to myself. We went surfing every day, had different ceremonies and activities such as the sound healing, which was an absolutely magical experience. Moreover we did yoga everyday, which is one of the best yoga I have ever participated in. Jai is simply the best yoga teacher you can imagine. In addition, there was a great varied dinner every evening. The whole group got on so well together and I made some great friends. Thank you so much for this amazing experience Riany! You are an angel, spreading so much love and positive energy. 


A Trip of a Lifetime!

Incredible life experience! We signed up for Floating You to learn surfing and continue practicing yoga together. As a newly engaged couple we wanted to explore and adventure together as well as find peace among the wilderness. What we didn’t expect was the authenticity of the retreat would touch us in so many ways. Riany is an incredible leader who is guided by spirit and heart. Every day she had amazing experiences for us to enjoy. We had surf guides with us there all the time, photographers that taught us through surf evaluations and also self love work, and we had food like none other nightly. We stayed at a boutique hotel with an Infiniti pool and a gorgeous outdoor shower and deck. Yoga everyday with Jai helped us center our lives and set intentions for the next year.

We are sad to be home bc we made so many beautiful friendships. Definitely recommend!

Melissa & George

Highly recommended experience!

I had an amazing time whilst meeting great people at Floating you! This retreat was well organized and curated with thought and passion to ensure you get the best out of the activities and experiences as well as yourself. The icing on top of this unique retreat was the beautiful locations and tasty food throughout the week. Highly recommend this retreat!


The perfect blend of Surf & Mindfulness!

An unforgettable trip!! Memories made will last a lifetime. Riany is the perfect host and retreat facilitator and she curated the most beautiful experience for us. Perfect blend of surfing in epic locations, yoga and mindfulness, incredible food, beautiful accommodation plus all the extra little details she added like new moon cacao ceremony, manifestation ritual, guided meditations and time for relaxing. 10/10 recommend.


Best retreat ever!

It was a life-changing experience. If you decide to go on this retreat, you can expect wonderful days of finding yourself, possibly making new friends, learning yoga, surfing with great people, etc. Riany leads this excellent. She is a wonderful woman who keeps her word and brings you into the wonderful world of surfing, yoga and creativity.


Best retreat ever!

I am travelling for 6 months and I have to say that the Floating You retreat was my highlight! It was my first retreat and I enjoyed every single second of it! The organization was excellent, all the ceremonies and sessions helped me a lot to find more to myself.

If you want to do something for yourself, then do THIS retreat! I learned so many things, enjoyed every single day and moment. You don‘t meet people, you find friends! Great experience, amazing organization, the best yoga sessions I‘ve ever had (big thanks to Jai), great food and the best surf coaching team! I didn‘t know that you can improve your surfing skills so much in just one week.

Thank you Riany for everything! You are such a great soul and an amazing person!

Thanks to the Floating You crew for making this retreat that special!


Best retreat ever!

Participating in the Floating you retreat was definitely my highlight in Lombok! It was my first time joining a retreat solo and I am so happy I joined. It was so easy to connect with everyone and we all became good friends that are still in touch until today :) I had the best time with the kindest people, the most amazing food, great surf and yoga! The founder Riany is the loveliest person and the surf coach team and Yoga teacher are amazing as well! I can really recommend the retreat to anyone, doesn't matter if you're a beginner or experienced Yogi or Surfer. The surf coaches will make sure they will take you to the right spot depending on your level and they give you great feedback. I was surprised how much I improved in only one week.

Thanks Floating You crew.


Amazing experience !

FloatingYou is the best surf and yoga retreat that you could find. The week was full not only of daily yoga and surf sessions, but also a bunch of other fun and more spiritual activities. Riany the hostess of the retreat is just an angel, she takes care of every detail and makes sure every guest is having a good time. Thank you for the lifelong memories!


Such an incredible experience - highly recommend it!

I couldn't ask for a better experience to be honest.

Best surf coaches, video analysis, and picture. Surfing different spots and experiencing different waves with a bunch of fun people. Yoga classes were really necessary after surfing for so many hours and were taught by a really good teacher.


Riany is such an amazing soul and you can feel her energy and intention in the smallest details.

Highly recommend!


Super amazing retreat!

Super cool and fun retreat. We loved the week with Riany. She organized everything so smooth and perfectly. It felt as if someone was planning the perfect holiday for us. Everything was being taken care off. The food was amazing and it was not even a problem that my boyfriend and I are Vegan. One day we even got a surprise outdoor movie night just because someone said casually how amazing a movie night would be.

The Surf instructors are super nice and helpful and everyday we got a surf analysis after it to progress faster.

All the lil rituals where super cute and a good way to start getting in touch with this magical world around spirituality without being too overwhelming.

We would totally do it all over again.

And lombok is insanely beautiful.

100% recommended 

Loredana & Marco

A beautiful retreat with beautiful people!

Every part was organized perfectly! Riany is an incredible host who went above and beyond to make this retreat really enjoyable for everyone! She had THE nicest food for us (just thinking about it makes my mouth water!) Each day we surfed and did yoga together and she also organised surprises that we didn't know about until the day! We did a beautiful sound healing session up in hills overlooking the lombok headlands, we had massages and a surf movie night under the stars!! We had a creative painting afternoon and a gorgeous new moon cacao ceremony We laughed, we cried together, we danced together!! I'm so grateful I got to experience the floating you retreat! I met beautiful people, made awesome connections and had so much fun!!


Highlight of my year in 2021!

This retreat was beyond surfing and doing yoga every day. It was a week full of making connections with new like-minded souls, with the ocean and the nature, with healthy foods, and with myself.

Floatingyou itinerary was woven seamlessly between surf, yoga, rest, mealtimes, sunrise trekking, lazy beach day, and party! The surf and yoga program were safe & friendly for all level. Adrenaline pumping guided-surf sessions with professional instructor and crew from Kura Kura, and Olympic-class surf coach who evaluated us individually (complete with documentations!). Amazing surf spots, which, as beginner I wouldn't have ever gone out to without Floatingyou, such as Gerupuk and Eka's!

Daily Yoga sessions were mixed of Gentle Vinyasa and Yin by the beach, with Jai, a wonderful, very grounding & knowledgeable yoga teacher, who was also a surfer. Sunrise trekking & beach picnics balanced it all.

I believe Riany had passionately planned it all, to genuinely share what she loves in Lombok.

The foods was abundant and varied! All were healthy, fresh & delicious from breakfast to dinner. (I wish Kenza will reopen). The hotel we stayed was very nice, Novotel Lombok, a resort with private beach, away from the town.

I didn't have to take out my wallet during the retreat. Everything is included ;) (except cocktails or shopping, lol). For Indonesians, the pricing is considered expensive, but it's worth the self-love investment! I am hopeful to join again one day ;) Thank you Riany & Floatingyou.


Permissi? What a fun surf retreat!

What a great way to experience Lombok and meet fun people while surfing. Made a lot new friends, good progress in surfing and enjoyed the daily yoga practice with our teacher Jii. He is a very balanced yoga teacher and does a mix of yin and vinyasssa. He is also a surfer and came with us, the whole team became friends after a while. Tim and his local surf trainer team showed us amazing surf spots, it was very considered for the beginners and advanced group and we almost had the waves to ourself.

Everything was taken care of under the eyes of Ryani who has become a Lombok expert and is an inspiring person. We had delicious food three times a day in the best restaurants of town, stayed in a beautiful place with cool rooms, drivers for transport, surfboards, surf analysis with pictures and videos, massages... and much more. I don't want to spoiler too much. But It was so much wow! 5 stars, lets do it again!


A life enhancing experience full of joy !

A wonderful, exhausting, enriching, challenging and salutary experience.

Very good organization, activities well thought out, familiar atmosphere, mindful people, delicious food, awesome Yoga sessions(+teacher), stunning surf spots with professional teaching and new friends. Riany is able to manage the retreat simultaneously professional and familiar. I felt in good hands every minute.

For me it was the perfect balance between physical, spiritual and mental elements. WI think that every person, no matter what age, gender, religion or nationality should do a retreat like this once in his life. It is life-enhancing.


Dreamy Surf & Yoga Selflove Experience 10/10

I loved every single moment! It was curated to perfection. It nourished my soul and gave me life. Riany was a perfect host and so attentive and every detail was organised with care and love. The people I met at Floating You stay in my heart, such wonderful heart seeking souls 💗 I loved the yoga and the surfing and the reflective circles🩵 it couldn’t have gone any better


The most beautiful Surf & Yoga Retreat in Paradise

The most beautiful surf and yoga retreat I have ever been to! The waves were so perfect for longboarding, such long rides and the surf coaches were amazing, helping with the photo and video analysis. The yoga and sound healing sessions were pure magic, so calming and relaxing. Oh and delicious meals every day!
Riany is the most wonderful host for the retreat and I have made friends for life!


Best retreat and best week of my Life!

Best retreat ever! super well planned from the yoga and surf lessons to the amazing location, excellent food, the suggestive sunset experience and sound healing session and least but not last cacao ceremony was a blast!... I've had the best week of my life! I also got the chance to meet beautiful people, all with the same purposes: go deep inside themself, share love and have fun on those amazing waves!
Thanks Riany, kind and gentle soul, for leading throughout this amazing experience and help people finding peace and love deep inside each and everyone!


The best surf & holistic retreat out there!

I was thinking about joining the Floating you retreat for a while and finally this December I made it happen. And I can't recommend it more. Whether your a beginner surfer, or want to improve your surfing skills on the beautiful beaches in Lombok this is amazing place to do so.

The holistic part of the retreat was so incredible too! Yoga, Journaling, painting, new moon cocoa ceremony. Amazing.

The place where you stay Rascals is such an amazing venue which adds to the whole atmosphere.

I can't forget to mention all the yummy food we got to each throughout the whole retreat.

Oh and last but not least there is an absolutely amazing photographer on hand throughout the whole retreat and at the end of it you will get the most stunning photos to remind you this beautiful week.

Riany has created something very special here and you should all join it, it is superb retreat!


The best Surf & Yoga retreat out there!

First of all I have to say that I’ve had my fair share of retreats. All over the world but also in bali. I‘ve been to yoga, surf, and yoga and surf retreats in Indonesia. And honestly hands down this is by far the best retreat I’ve been to. It really has a beautiful holistic approach without sacrificing anything. The surf lessons are absolutely amazing! The beaches and the waves they bring you to are out of this world. So much better than the crowded waves in bali! Perfect for beginners as well. Mostly one on one coaching.
And then you have the holistic yoga approach. Riany, the founder, manages to bring together her passions of yoga, healing and surfing in the most natural and complimenting way. She creates a beautiful and safe space for everyone to feel welcome and be able to grow and let go. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to yoga or surfing or if you’re a pro. This is the retreat for you! And I didn’t even talk about the beautiful accommodation and the incredibly tasty food. Don’t hesitate and treat yourself to this beautiful experience. You’ll meet amazing people and have the best time in beautiful nature no matter which one of the retreat spots you pick. Riany is an absolute perfectionist and she makes sure to give you the best experience possible.
My absolute highlights were the 1:1 surf lessons, the video analysis afterwards, the sound bath, amazing healing and self awareness exercises and incredible yoga teacher and not to forget the photo shooting to boost your confidence! The value for money is really through the roof with this retreat and you can feel the love and passion that goes into carefully creating every single experience along the way.



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