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Surf, Yoga & Holistic Well-Being

How We Rise

Floating You is designed for (mostly) woman who would like to surround themselves with like-minded souls, give and receive love, share their dreams and their knowledge, be guided if wanted, shape their raw diamond, seek confidence through selflove, grow in a circle and grow within the self. Happiness is one thing that doubles, when shared.

‘SURF, YOGA & HOLISTIC WELL-BEING’ are the three components of our Retreat.

When you dive into their meaning, allow yourself to be open to receive and understand the power of each of those words, this Retreat is right for you.

The ocean and the waves are helping to fulfill this journey. They remind us of being tiny, humble and just a little piece of the puzzle rather than something big and important.

About 71 percent of the Earth's surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth's water. Water also exists in the air as water vapour, in rivers and lakes, in icecaps and glaciers, in the ground as soil moisture and in aquifers, and of course in ‘us’. Our human body is 80 % water. So how can we not feel a deep bond when we look at those giant seas, the beautiful lakes and the powerful natural waterfalls and springs?

It’s what we are made of. We are one.

Surf, Yoga & Holistic Well-Being

Surfing - A Life School

The word ‘WAVE’ is a word of movement. It means something rises, getting to the climax. Something energetic is ruling a moment. It comes, you see it, feel it, hear it, it lifts and it goes back down. It’s powerful and can’t be controlled by mankind.

A wave is mystical; it has a billion secrets! Learning about the ocean and a wave means listening to your body, mind, consciousness and instincts. It means reset your mind and your understanding of listening and observing. And to unlock that invisible but extremely present door is the magic to a totally new dimension.

Surfing is not just a sport. Surfing is a God-like experience. No matter if the water is +26° like in Sri Lanka or +15° like in Morocco - it brings you closer to nature than anything else. When you paddle out there with nothing but your board, you feel a flow of energy entering your body that is out of this world. No one is with you. Whatever comes now, you have to deal with it yourself.

On your way of paddling out, you eventually face some 6-foot waves trying to stop you from getting out there. It’s as if the ocean doesn’t give the privilege of tasting the bliss of a Surf to anyone. It wants you to fight for it! So you fight yourself a way through the breaking waves, your adrenaline starts pumping, eventually you get tired already – but you don’t stop. You keep on going. Willpower and fear-overcoming kicks in. You are pushed over your own boundaries again and again. You keep on paddling even though your arms are starting to feel pain. And finally, you reach the line-up. Sitting, waiting, maybe having a chat with another surfer out there but once the waves line up and you see the sets rolling in, you enter a meditative mode. You activate your senses.

Your thoughts focus on one thing:Catching a wave.

A wall builds up. You start to paddle again. Everything you got! The wall now lifts the water under you and your board catches speed – the crucial moment. You now have about a second to stand up before you either crash down the wave or miss it.

And then BOOM – you are standing on that board!

You are surfing! Here is where the magic occurs, the moment surfers live for. This is where nature closes its hands around you and for a moment you feel nothing but love.

Your mind is off, thoughtless – it’s pure and holy.

Surf, Yoga & Holistic Well-Being

The Connection to Water

For us, surfing means the chance of getting the deepest connection you can possibly have with the ocean (And everyone has a different interpretation of their very own ocean). For a few seconds, this massive force of water lets you be part of its wonder. It keeps on pushing you harder and harder –mentally and physically. Within days, you feel a transformation of your mindset and your physical condition.

In every other sport you can break, pull back, say no, take an easier path – not in surfing. Once you are out, you are out – you and the wave.

On one site, the waves are challenging us and confront us with our fear. We are forced to overcome and forced to be present. It prepares you for other, similar blockages you may come across within other dimensions of yourself. It helps to increase your willpower, your survival instincts and it grounds you - these are benefits and learnings that go hand in hand with Yoga and Inner work.

On the other site, riding a wave means to be fully awake and aware with all the cells of our body. It brings you the biggest joy, because you will feel more alive than you can ever remember.

Ying and Yang. Darkness and Light. Fear and Joy.

Surf, Yoga & Holistic Well-Being

Floating on Water and within your Being

Floating You is about floating on the water and within your being. Challenge and grow within yourself and evolve in all kinds of ways. It’s about waking up that inner voice that gives you enough confidence to choose a different way than your parents wished for you, or to choose something that you are truly happy with, but you were too scared to admit. The voice, that tells you to paddle harder because the speed of 1 second decides if you can ride a wave or get wiped out and pulled under water. It’s about letting some of those limiting beliefs you’ve been telling yourself dissolve and behind for good.

The practice of Yoga is a gateway to our inner world.The term "yoga" comes from a Sanskrit word meaning "union". Yoga unites physical exercises, mental meditation, and breathing techniques to strengthen the muscles, direct our mind and relieve stress.

Through connecting with our mat, we are able to find stillness in the loud & busy world. Through focussing on movement and breath we are able to transform our body into an instrument of surrender to an ancient discipline. Yoga is a practice that honors you, your teacher and every living being around you. A way to praise wholeness, respect and acceptance. Every student is a teacher. Every teacher is a student.A physical exercise that gives enough time to feel inside of you and identify who is moving you. Your ego or your soul. Yoga is a beautiful way to get to know yourself on a deeper level.

The combination of Yoga, Meditation, Ceremonies, Sound Healing, mindful practices and the physical Surf will push the inner boundaries in all kinds of directions. Like a firework in our own temple or a rearrangement of our nervous system. Most important: it will open your heart center and you’ll leave us knowing what really matters in life.