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Morocco · December 6 - 14 2024





Escape to the tranquil but vibrant shores of Morocco with us and discover the serene Yin & lively Yang of our Holistic Surf & Yoga Retreat. Tucked away in the picturesque south of Morocco, our haven invites you to unwind, rejuvenate, reconnect with yourself and emerge yourself in a loud, buzzing, rich culture. Energetic, mystical yet so alive & eye opening. Trust us to trust the Magic of this land! Imagine waking up in our Moroccan Villa to the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shore, knowing that a day of surf adventure and inner peace awaits you. Villa Mandala - our home for the week - offers a sanctuary where simplicity & culture meet luxury. Step into a world where every detail is crafted with care, where the warmth of Moroccan hospitality envelops you from the moment you arrive. Our private Chef Team promises indulgence in the flavors of Morocco, where every meal is a celebration of local ingredients and culinary traditions. From fragrant tajines to savory couscous, each dish is a testament to the richness of Moroccan cuisine, served with humility and grace. Morocco is famous for it’s majestic, endless Wave Lines. Almost too beautiful to be true. But its real - nature plays it’s magic around the viby surf village of Taghazout. Nothing to be intimidated about as a beginner surfer as there is plenty of waves according to each level. This isn’t warm water surfing, but what an extraordinary experience for the senses. Waves, Camel’s, Fishermen, fresh Mint Tea, Boats, Music, Seabirds : Imagery, the glimpse of your eyes wont miss. Pure presence and letting loose at our private Yoga Shala, nestled atop of the villa. Feel the stresses of every day's fast moving word melt away as you gaze out overlooking the ocean. Our invitation for balance and harmony within. A safe space for us to connect, share, be, love ourselves more, support one another & most importantly: RISE! Be sure of a transformative experience, returning home as an evolved version of yourself and having won a lot of new soulmates.




With over 20 years of expertise, Surf Maroc specializes in authentic surf and yoga holidays providing exceptional customer service and great value at stunning locations in one of the world’s greatest surfing destinations. Founded in 2003 they operate several locations including a boutique hotel, villa, yoga retreat center, surf shop, and surf school. FLOATING YOU is glad to collaborate with Thagazout's leading team in all things Surf Hospitality & Surf Coaching. You are in the best hands!



The dry land awaits you with safe spaces where you can dive deeper into yoga practices and their philosophy. Learn about stillness through meditation & the power of breath. The allowance for the present moment. Total surrender and acceptance of the person you are today and who you can become tomorrow. This retreat is made for anyone who is longing for connection: To yourself, to other people around you, or the earth we live on. A road map to your internal compass in respect to your own value system.



Through Sharing the 'Science of Yoga' we allow your body, mind & soul to cultivate stillness, moving our body in sequences that release tension, improving blood flow, & connecting movement to breath. Ultimately the aim of Yoga is to grow the ability to ‘sit’ in meditation. To get there, we practice ‘asanas’ (postures) and ‘pranayama’ (breath work) to prepare our body & mind for the next soul chapter ahead. Yoga is also a perfect way to prepare our body for the physical surf ahead, or restorative after surfing. Both of these are fulfilled aswell, but with the addition to focus on our spiritual health.



Sound Healing experience‘s produce vibrations that alter your brain waves and aim to relax the mind, body & Healing 'below the surface'. We will accompany many Yoga Session's with sacred instruments (Including crystal bowls). A big highlight is our outdoor sound bath tucked away in a valley, lead by a moroccan healer 'Lamia' who learned from the same Mentor in Bali as Riany (Main Retreat Host). A soundbath generally involves a variety of instruments or voices, all of which have the potential to shift lower frequencies into higher vibrations. Popular instruments often used are crystal singing bowls, brass bowls, gongs, drums, tuning forks, and chimes. Such instruments provide an immersive, full body listening experience that can help to recalibrate the system while providing a space for healing physically, mentally and/or emotionally.



We take all of our activities, practices & rituals very serious. We want you to grow in each section and at the same time provide you with inspiring techniques to unfold and heal in your own time and space. Sound Healing, Meditation, Heart Opening New Moon Ceremony with raw cacao, personal growth exercises, journaling and many more tools are supporting you on this 8 nights and 9 days retreat. Floating You as 'A holistic Surf & Yoga Retreat' is transformative. We are going on a journey to yourself where you set the pace. Ultimately you can go on a deep dive if you want to or just float wherever it feels comfortable.



Cacao ceremonies are a centuries-old ritual seen as the ultimate heart-opener. One of it compounds, theobromine, translates’ into the food of Gods by the mayas and the Aztecs in South America. The Maya commune belief that the medicine is a chance to eliminate emotional blockages and brings alignment of mind, body, and spirit. In high-doses (30g is considered a “ceremonial” or high dose), it can generate a warm and euphoric body-state similar when feeling deeply connected with life in a beautiful moment. Cacao opens your heart, the gateway to hear your inner spirit and wisdom. In addition to being packed full of vitamins and minerals, cacao increases blood flow to the brain which helps to strengthen awareness and focus. It boosts creativity! It helps the body to heal, detoxify and to give your immune system a good boost. Ceremonial cacao is a powerful tool to dive deeper into your inner soul. Within our FLOATING YOU week we use this sacred ritual to deepen selflove & manifestations. There might be some other helpers of mother earth involved aswell to support clarity & cleansing.



Our retreat is dedicated to empowering you in every aspect of your journey. We take each activity, practice, and ritual seriously, with a focus on your personal growth and healing. Let us provide you with inspiring techniques to unfold and heal in your own time and space, allowing you to create your own reality every day.



When you think of Morocco, you may think of colourful handcrafts, busy streets and delicious food. But there is also a spectacular coastline dotted with picturesque villages and beaches that are a traveller’s dream. Welcome to Taghazout, the perfect place to soak up the sun and ride the Atlantic Ocean waves. This sleepy fishing village is a surfer’s paradise with ultimate good vibes, ideal for anyone searching for a destination that has both, beautiful beaches, adventure & some magic in the air.


Depending on the ocean tides, most likely our days at Floating You look as followed:




Early Birds & Moroccan Sunrises

Waking up hearing the Waves of the Atlantic Ocean rolling onto Shore. Gently starting to move your Body & set your mind for a beautiful day ahead with a healing Yoga exercise on our in-house Rooftop Yoga Shala (Including breathing exercises and meditation to sink deeper into the magic of your true self). After this you are asked to indulge in our healthy and fresh breakfast, prepared with love from our Villa Chef. After fuelling the body with goodness, the waves are calling and we are getting ready for our daily Surf with the best instructors on the coast : The Team of Surf Maroc.


Late Mornings

The group is split into beginners and intermediate surfers to guarantee the most valuable experience for everyone. Every day our instructors check the wave conditions to make sure we're going to the perfect break for the time & day. Loading the Truck with Boards: Lets go on a cruise along the dreamy Blue & Golden Coast to find some waves! Salty & happy you can enjoy a quick post-surf fresh mint tea on the beach before packing up and riding back to our Villa: Here you have time to shower, unwind, fuel yourself with a nutritious Lunch and simply enjoy some rest time! A book by the pool, a visit at the Hamam or a little Power Nap are standing for 'time well spent'.


The Afternoons & Time of Dawn

In the afternoon we gather for either a guided meditation, a sunset hike, a self development exercise, a healing ritual with sacred sound, a sharing circle, a painting session or similar. There will be days with Surf Analysis to implement your learning for the next days. See yourself on the board and evaluate what you can do better tomorrow. To round up this blissfull & adventurous Day private Chef Team will bless us with a delicious, feasty Dinner. Maybe adding a quick journaling moment for one or the other before your well deserved rest.

A Morrocan Dream Villa Right By The Ocean

Villa Mandala

Villa Mandala is a tranquil oceanfront Yoga Retreat Centre that provides the perfect place to escape and connect with your inner calm. It resides on the rugged Moroccan coastline just outside of Taghazout and boasts a lush garden, pool, and a serene rooftop yoga shala. Villa Mandala has nine tranquil bedrooms that come in a variety of sizes and themes. Several bedrooms are en suite with shower rooms and toilets whilst the rest share facilities. The Villa chefs cook delicious vegetarian food made from local seasonal ingredients. The menus are inspired by a delectable mix of Moroccan and international ingredients and recipes.

A Morrocan Dream Villa Right By The Ocean


What's Included

1 Special Welcome Night at the Stunning, Luxury & Artsy Hotel 'Munga' (Private Room p.p)

7 Nights in a Morrocan Dream Villa right by the Ocean

1 Brunch at Munga

1 Festive 3-Course Rooftop Welcome Dinner at Munga

6 Communal Dinner Feasts freshly prepared by our private Chef in Villa Mandala

7 Nutritious Lunches (packed or in house)

Daily Afternoon Snacks, Sweet Treats & Tea at Villa Mandala

7 Big Hearty and Healthy Breakfasts

5 x Surf Coaching with Surf Maroc

Surf Analysis by Surf Maroc

Daily Yoga Classes & Pranayam

2 Special Yin Yoga and Sound Healing Classes

Outdoor Sound Healing Opening Circle in the Midths of Moroccan Valley

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Guided Meditations

Excursion to a Natural Water Source in Beautiful Surrounding

Creative Canvas Session

Self Development Workshop


Airport Pick up & Drop of

Transport from Munga to our Surf Villa after 1st Night

Transport to all Surf Excursions

Transport to a Trip to the SOUK (traditional market)

Free Use of Surfboards & Yoga Mats

Free Drinking Water, Coffee & Tea Facilities

Flights to Agadir, Morocco

Travel Insurance

1 Dinner: Optional BBQ at Boutique Hotel 'Amouage'

Any Alcoholic Drinks and special Softdrinks

High End Edited Photo Package min. 150 Photos 60 EUR (included a mini personalised fun shoot)

Optional 6th Surf on 'Surf off Day'

Optional Hamam Visit and / or other Spa Facilities


Villa Mandala Private Room

Villa Mandala Private Room

35m² • Ocean or Garden View • Double Bed • Non-smoking • WIFI • Room Safe • Daily Room Cleaning • Linen and Towels Provided • Moroccan Hamam Olive Soap • Rose Water Mist • Shampoo • Hot Water Bottle • Desk• Fan • Ensuite Bathroom • Designed with cool locally made furniture to give an extra authentic feel. Expect all the comfortable goodies that make your stay effortless & make you feel at home here, in 'little Morocco'.


Villa Mandala Twin Share

Villa Mandala Twin Share

40m² • Ocean or Garden View • 2 Single Beds • Non-smoking • WIFI • Room Safe • Daily Room Cleaning • Linen and Towels Provided • Moroccan Hamam Olive Soap • Rose Water Mist • Shampoo • Hot Water Bottle • Desk• Fan • Ensuite Bathroom • Designed with cool locally made furniture to give an extra authentic feel. Expect all the comfortable goodies that make your stay effortless & make you feel at home here, in 'little Morocco'.




High-End edited Photo Package from a week with us min. 150 photos  (including a personalised mini fun-shoot)

High-End edited Photo Package from a week with us min. 150 photos (including a personalised mini fun-shoot)

Elevate your memories with our exclusive edited photo package from the retreat – a blend of artistry and expertise to transform your moments into timeless masterpieces. FLOATING YOU LOVES: A little shooting with your surfboard with the prettiest backdrops!...
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Reiki Treatment & Energy Healing

Reiki Treatment & Energy Healing

Reiki is a old Japanese energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing....
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To the airport of Agadir - 'AGA'

On the 6th of December we gather together for a sunset welcome Dinner at 5:30 PM at hotel 'Munga', where we all will be staying.

It's a 45min drive!

Absolutely ! Many people do their first surf lessons here. You don't need to 'know' how to surf in order to join us!

Hell yes !! So many amazing waves around. Our team will make sure that everyone gets to surf waves according to their level!

Morocco is very special at this time of year. It can get up to 26 degrees in the day and down to 10 - 12 degrees in the night! Pack summery clothes and your favourite Bikini for a winter tan! Aswell as couple of cozy long pants / leggins and some nice warm jumpers to throw over. We have warm water bottles for you in the Villa and a lot of fresh Mint Tea to keep you warm when the sun goes down!

No! The price includes a rented wetsuit for the week. If you feel more comfortable bringing your own, thats for sure possible (We suggest 3mm thickness) !

No! The price includes Board rental for the week. If you want to ride your own board you are welcome to bring it at your own cost.

Yes - 100% confirmed. Travelling solo for women and men is super smooth. Everything is self explained at the airport and our driver will have a sign with your Name after you arrived. From that moment you can let yourself fall - we got you!


Morocco · December 6 - 14 2024 · 8 nights