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We live in a time of constant movement, controversial opportunities on different parts of the globe. On one site of the world it’s so easy for someone, on the other site it’s so hard.

And why is that? It takes a long ride back into the story of our ancestors, our homeland of ‘blood and bones’ and simply our place and time of birth. Who decides the match of body and soul, time and place? We’ll never know in our present life, but we can learn how to connect the dots. To trust. To learn what is good for us. Who is good for us. Who do we bump into along our way?

The journey of selflove and self discovery is a beautiful ride. It’s that time where you can reinvent yourself. You are peeling of layers and the more you take of, the closer you get to your real essence. Your raw and pure potential. Once eventually burned out and thriving for deeper sense, this is the time you get hungry for life again. And the opportunities seem endless. It's about unlearning conditioned values, morals and 'have to's' and learning about who you truly are.

The state of awareness is a bright, floating condition.It will float you through challenges, lessons, low’s and highs - but it makes you follow your very own way to your very own purpose in life - what’s greater than that?

We believe the journey to your true self is an elementary part in nowadays very fast-moving world full of consume, expectations and simply functioning rather than living. Click pause and rethink the one-way system that society presents us as the only road. We are the ones who can choose the direction. Always!

It’s a matter of fact that our planet is facing problems. Inward and outward problems. Often there is no US or TOGETHER doesn’t mean a thing anymore. Society and their ‘how-to-live’- patterns, created a very ego, unconnected and consume driven humanity in the west. We humans often react in groups, not many of us have enough growth, spiritual knowledge and self confidence to speak up and swim in the other direction.

Unfortunately power, greed and possessiveness are still the ruling forces that direct political leaders and their decisions.The spiritual awakening of the human race didn't reach the top of system yet.

We believe the responsibility lays in each one of us to improve and work on solutions. It’s about finding the relationship to ourself, identify our ego and strengthen our emotional intelligence by living through an aware and healthy mindset.

If every human starts to control his ego, we’d make a big jump as one.

It’s not money that helps us if there is no clean water and no green leaf left – it’s our behaviour, directed by our mind. Our selflove, directed by our soul.

The mission of this Retreat is to heal a deep rooted issue. We are encouraging to let everyone find their sense. We want people to travel back to their first days, to remind themselves why they are here. To share a way to feel alive with our own choices. Make use of our own brain. We would like to make our guests listen to themselves and trusting themselves, rather than systems, who promise securities and suck out everyone’s magic and individuality.

Reprogram our views and values to what the universe had planned for us in the first place.

We are teaching about the power of balance. The big secret of living in the here and now. We don’t live in the present to constantly judge ourselves for mistakes from the past and we don’t live in the present to constantly worry about the future. We are missing the most powerful moment – the NOW. Here is where we are. Here we can elevate.

If everyone is fixing their inner being, we’ll eventually have the strength to fight for us and our world next to each other, in unity. Fixing ourselves means fixing us and the world in whole, instead of destroying other life's and hurt our planet more and more.


For some reason the image and concept of a woman has always been openly discussed in our world. It feels like everyone constantly has something to say about us and we’re living through this power struggle of proving ourselves since forever.

Within the last decades many woman from different parts of the globe raised their vibrations and were able to be heard & seen. As it was our turn to shift the weight back towards equality in gender-power, some unawakened masculine's got offended as new procedures out of the box are easily labeled 'BAD' at first - especially in relation to woman. Woman who lead, speak their truth, follow their dreams and run successful businesses on their own are always judged and double observed. This isn't the case for men on such scale. Sadly, there is still a social division of people into man and woman and the sexist oppression of the woman by men.

Woman from all over the world are still living through this struggle. For some it’s more difficult and more emotional than for others. Some are fighting for their right and voice, some just gave up. Again – in some parts of the world it’s harder.

Asia is one of those places.

It’s more important than ever that we stick together. Support local females from all over.

Local girls, who live in very strict, conservative 3rd world countries. Countries that had eventually just experienced war. Countries that leave teenagers confused, as some things are not explained and talked about. Countries where girls grow into woman in shame, not feeling themselves. Are seen as sex objects for men’s satisfaction. Countries where girls get raped at young ages and its normalised! Countries where our sisters get pregnant in their teen’s and then are left with nothing but cooking, cleaning and feeding. Most of them never experience their own voice or their true self. Their parents, with sceptical faces, are in need of healing themselves, their kids in need for guidance, love and security. Who is there to guide? Sadly, this is an empty position in most cases.

Whats interesting is that often these countries get rated top travel destinations for western people. Countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines, China, Japan, India and many more are all travel destinations who’s economy lives from stable tourism.


There is more to Life now

So there is a glimpse, a little spark and a tiny open door with other options for woman. Pleasing touristic needs means sudden change towards learning, growing, money income, communication, family building and exchange with different cultures. From simple trust, to curiosity, to sexuality, love and new opportunities through different people, who are now crossing the same street, as the Tamil girl who goes to school in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Or the Sumatran girl who crossed islands, made it to Bali and now surfs waves in Canggu , met the right people cause she believed in herself. The Chinese girl, who lived in a village, had a dream and left her family to grow towards what she truly needed to be. The Indian girl from Kerala, that has access to Surfboards now because through tourism the surf culture made it to India and she was visually presented with another option for herself.


Mainly though, there is more to life now for the boys in those countries. They are out and about, learn to speak foreign languages, learn how to build better houses, learn about the creative aspects within architecture and living, come across other cultures, beliefs and religions. Fall in love with a white girl from Sweden, meet her parents, got given a visa and a plane ticket to Europe. In a second, new angles obtained for him and there is another whole world full of opportunities, that hasn’t been realistic and visible before. They slowly learn to master the new potential of their given environment. They become amazing surfers, divers, better fishermen, great builders and know how to close good business deals.

It’s time that there is more to life for girls now, too! Imagine asian countries with both genders side by side. Together, doing their best to pull around history creating unity.

Floating You means we’ll be there for each other, empower and accompany each of us along the way. Allow ourselves to be vulnerable, create a safe trusted space, give room to heal and room for a lot of love and joy! We will be there to present more options and simply share all we have and know with whoever comes to our doorstep. We want to motivate to be helping hands. If not us, who then? We have the same functional body and we face similar inward journeys and emotions. Wherever we come from, whatever background we have. 

Our vision is to make the local asian girls community stronger. Imagine any girl, who discovers her light. She will learn to be comfortable with herself, learn how to meditate, learn to trust females from all over the world, witness cultural exchange, learn about the world and catch her very first wave. Atik, the beauty in this picture from a village in Lombok, is 'proven fact'. 

She will experience a new form of motivation and boost that she can then use for something new. And hopefully, one day there are enough of these girls who are strong together and create a movement. In the end it’s a network full of helping hands all across the globe.

Floating You is travelling through different countries and is inviting 1 local girl with a free wild card per retreat.

YOU joining is retreat means you are supporting this cause <3